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Company Overview

Picture1Azxza Web Design Communication is a leading Internet software company providing a line of fully modular XML-enabled e-business applications for next generation commerce on the Internet and related customization and data exchange services.

Our solutions pioneer seamless integration of content and commerce in web development, provide exceptional personalization and catalog management capabilities, and offer a platform for transparent data exchange among multiple vendors.

Azxza Web Design Communication's applications are built on a flexible platform that allows our customers to develop solutions that specifically and accurately address their business requirements. Having built our platform on open standards, we provide unprecedented flexibility in maintenance, customization, and upgrades of the core technologies.

Azxza Web Design Communication is a provider of electronic commerce technology and implementations and interactive designs. Azxza Web Design Communication designs, develops, markets and supports custom application software, i.e. software products providing a wide range of enterprise level applications to our Corporate customers with a complete end-to-end storefront-to-backoffice-to-legacy-system electronic commerce solutions to meet the needs of their customers.

To supplement its software products, Azxza Web Design Communication offers Add-on feature-enhancing applications such as payment systems, accounting systems, integration tools, middleware, website enhancements, and graphics support. The Company also offers professional services to customers with specific needs by using the features of its standard software products as a starting point to develop individual solutions or to implement its business-to-business framework.

Azxza Web Design Communication headquarters are located in Boston with offices in other US and European cities.

Why Azxza Web Design Communication?

Azxza Web Design Communication is uniquely qualified to provide the technology, planning, creative vision, project management and professional services necessary to produce a truly successful e-Commerce solution of the level and caliber desired. Azxza Web Design Communication brings enormous competence and understanding to this project through its personnel, who have specific relevant experience designing, project managing, and building some of the most complex, robust, and secure sites created. The combination of technical expertise with a strong development platform allowsAzxza Web Design Communicatio to design and implement high-end enterprise level systems significantly faster and more cost-effectively than our competitors.

Azxza Web Design Communication firmly believes that an effective solution will seamlessly combine content, form, and technology to enable the client to successfully brand and deploy an enterprise level commerce solution.

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