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Designing Logos for a Multimedia World

Combining concept and design in symbol or text, a logo represents the essence of a company. A good logo should be simple but also distinctive, memorable, and timeless. Crucial to an organization's identity, a logo can boost your client's public image and give it a leg up on the competition. To do so, a logo must be designed well enough to work for low-end media, ranging from photocopies and faxes to a Web site across multiple media.

Start with the Web version of a logo. AZXZA recommends making special versions of a logo for the Web. Print designers used to having a wide range of type sizes and spot colors may stumble as they adjust to the Web's limitations. Online type can be no larger than 14 points, and you're locked into the standard Web-safe palette of 216 colors and transform vertical designs into horizontal ones in Web banners. In addition, you should give explicit directions to your clients regarding the logo's colors. Your design guidelines should specify the colors used in the various versions of the logo-and any secondary design elements making up the design system-in both CMYK and their equivalents from the Web-safe color palette. Colors that may be used behind logos should also be specified in the design guidelines.

Because nearly all logos are now used across multiple media, they must be more flexible and innovative than ever, as evidenced by the projects that the designers describe.

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