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Our combined expertise in B2B middleware and CRM technologies provide our clients with an ability to design solutions and products at the interface of these two key technologies, where we believe lies the future of eBusiness and customer care. We have an extensive client profile of Fortune 50 companies in finance, telecom, and healthcare, and support our claims to success with references from major accounts.

We offer much more than award-winning, cutting-edge Web design and promotion. We can handle everything from registering your domain name and submitting your name to search engines to building an on-line catalog with secure live purchasing, to hosting and managing your web site. We have the team, the technical know-how, and the marketing expertise to ensure your site's success. We translate your strategic vision into the language of the web.

We produce e-commerce storefronts that draw e-crowds into cyberspace. We integrate the full essence of your business into all of your on-line communications. We bring a full complement of competencies to the table, and put our best ideas to work for you. In all, we prove that "internet commerce" is not a contradiction in terms. All success starts with a strategic plan. We will help you formulate a complete plan that will maximize your investment. We'll listen to your needs, wants, and concerns, and share our knowledge and expertise, bridging the gap between your existing resources and the huge opportunity before us. Graphics are the key to keeping visitor interests. From the first splash screen to the exit, your site's graphical interface is what will hold people's attention and keep them coming back. A well-programmed Web site without quality graphics is a little like a frame without a picture. Our award winning team will work with you to create a dynamic, attractive Web site.

Successful Website design, development, and hosting intertwines all the technical, creative and marketing elements available for your Web site. B2B & TechnoTouch develop intelligent envionments designed to infuse your business goals with your website structure. We employ the best and latest in website tools, including CGI, Java, Flash, Applets, Shockwave -- always with your needs and your customers in mind. Combine our graphic and information database design skills with our systems and service and you will have one of the best values in the industry.

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