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Main eMarketplace Strategies...

A R T I C L E:
Cyber Rules: Strategies for Excelling at E-Business offers exactly what its title promises: a series of deliberate considerations and well-reasoned actions designed to help even a technophobic newcomer tackle both the promises and the challenges of the virtual marketplace.
Siebel Systems founder Thomas Siebel describes how time-tested business principles are still essential for success. But to achieve full potential in the future, he contends, companies must also have a solid understanding of the way technology will fundamentally affect every aspect of people's lives. These still-emerging policies and procedures of the electronic business world are thus dependent upon a "dual set of rules"; traditional methods, such as identifying target markets and assessing customer needs, now compose only one part of the ultimate picture. It is these "less familiar" and "less commonsensical" practices upon which Cyber Rules subsequently focuses. Electronic commerce marketing strategies and business models This book analyses strategies and models for electronic commerce on the basis of both marketing and economic theory and international case studies. It sets out to answer the key questions:
* Which business models are relevant for the Internet;
* What are successful strategic approaches to marketing;
* What are appropriate related marketing programmes;
* How will electronic commerce develop in the future. Business managers, researcher, MBA students, consultants and policy-makers look for a better understanding of electronic commerce in the Internet environment.
They wish to learn from the experience of innovative companies involved in electronic commerce to understand how these identified new business opportunities and developed key elements of their marketing strategy like competitive positioning and the building of networked partnerships. There is also a need for a systematic approach and a set of tools to develop successful Internet marketing strategies and business models. Finally, there is a need to 'imagine the future' through an in-depth analysis of possible scenarios for future business-to-business electronic commerce.
* An overview of the opportunities to build key business assets with the Internet
* Detailed international case studies of competitive advantage building by innovative companies
* Electronic commerce business models, showing how companies organise their business and where their sources of revenues come from, within a systematic classification
* Marketing strategies of the companies in the case studies based on marketing concepts and economics, such as value chain analysis, competitive structure of industries, transaction cost theory, benefits segmentation, one-to-one marketing, etc.
* A set of new tools for the development of Internet marketing strategies, in particular for business-to-business electronic commerce
* An analysis of the challenge of strategy development in the turbulent and fast-moving Internet business
* Scenarios for the future of B-to-B electronic commerce that are analysed in great detail to understand future business strategies. The scenarios include value networks and dynamic markets, digital content business, convergence of B-to-B and B-to-C electronic commerce.


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