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Our Press Releases

How to Grow Your Business on the Web...

A R T I C L E:
Business And You Publisher Debbie Solomon What is the Hottest and Most Achieved Phenomenon going on in the cyberworld today?

YOU GOT IT!.....
Starting your Own Business! It is so much easier to start your own business these days. You do not need $1,000's of dollars of overhead just to get started. Most people these days only need a computer with internet access. There are more home businesses starting everyday. The percentage rate is increasing faster than Gas prices are rising. THAT IS BIG!!! So, now you realize the concerns so many people are now encountering. With Home businesses increasing so rapidly, how are YOU going to compete with that? That is Keyword...COMPETE! It is a dog eat dog world out there and everyone is out to get a piece of that American Dream. How can you beat the competition? Get to know them. Once you have your business plan layed out, your product line in order... the next step is to research your competition. See what they are doing. Get ideas, write them down. Alot of businesses are giving away FREEBIES. Everyone loves Freebies. Can't go wrong with that. Look for FREEBIES that NO other competitor has. Look for specials that will enhance your product line. Be DIFFERENT! The main reason you research other competitors is to do exactly the opposite. Sound strange? The last thing you want to do is to be like your competitors. Why are they going to buy from you when someone else has the same thing?
A Word Of Warning.....Do NOT be a COPYCAT!!! You will notice alot of competitors with great graphics, great selling strategies and a great site. This does NOT mean you will be able just copy what they do! I see so much of that and it is sad. How will you be DIFFERENT if you do what everyone else is doing? You can have a very common product, add some twists to it and have one of the highest traffic generated sites for that target market. But where do you come up with these ideas and twists? It is called surfing the NET! You will be amazed of what you can find out there. Here are some example of being DIFFERENT:
**FREE E-Books is Great...but very common. The Twist....Write Your OWN E-Book. Share your experience.
**Give away FREE Vacations. There are tons of company's that are striving to have businesses market them on their site in exchange for FREE Vacations. The Twist....Look for a different kind of Vacation giveaway. Not only an island giveaway. Look for a unique vacation setting.
**Collect helpful Tools that are related to your product or service and Give them away. The Twist...Create a Members only site with these tools and offer FREE Access.
**Write your own newsletter. The Twist...ADD Humor!
**Start your own Discussion Forum relating to your product line or service. Offer help! The Twist....Offer everyone in the forum a FREEBIE just for joining in on the discussion! Are you getting the idea? All these ideas are very common. But none of them are your own. Add those twists. It will keep you energized. It will excite your prospects. Owning a business online or offline can really be boring if you let it. SO DON'T LET IT! Use your imagination. Your business is YOURS! NO one elses. NO one can tell you what you can and cannot do. Create your dreams! Have the business you love and most of all just ENJOY IT!

Author: Debbie Solomon Debbie is the Creator of MarketingTrendz and the originator of The Profit Zone: The source for FREE Marketing Tools. She is also the Creator of The HomeSource Arena, which is The Leading Source in Certified Home Employment, and owner of The Online Exchange Ezine, a Top Rated, world renowned Ezine.


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