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Web development services

We've been developing sites since the early days of the Web—our first site went online in 1999—and we've been developing award-winning interactive multimedia projects since 1994.

We value clarity and quality in communication, in the belief that careful planning is the key to effectiveness in site design. We think carefully about our design projects before building pages. We evaluate your needs and clarify your strategic approach, to maximize the return on your investment in your site.

A great Web site:
Delivers content effectively
Is easy to use and maintain
Has a robust architecture
Uses technology appropriately

Research: Expanding the Vision. Through research and ongoing communication with clients, AZXZA assesses their business goals, competitive landscape, target audiences, design requirements and, in Web site projects, the needs of the site user. We summarize these results, when appropriate, in a concise Design Strategy Report that makes recommendations for the design phase.

Design: Creating the Experience. Based on our conclusions in the research phase, we create the visual brand identity, from which the information architecture, the interactive experience and all visual communications are created. The result is a set of design parameters that identifies the elements of the brand, including concept, imagery, palette and fonts, and provides detailed guidelines for implementing Web content and site functionality.

Implementation: Delivering the Results. This is the execution and delivery of the brand identity program, defined in the previous phase, that informs the visual and interactive user experience. For Web site projects, this includes coding, integrating server-side technology, adding content, and performing quality assurance and usability testing. For print projects, we coordinate the efforts of external contributors – photographers, writers, illustrators, production houses, and printers – to ensure the highest production value.

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